Building The Nation Today, With Tomorrow’s Innovative Ideas

Building The Nation Today, With Tomorrow’s Innovative Ideas


As an IT and a Construction Company of choice, we’ve spent the last years of our development in utilizing the disruptive power of technology, conception and ingenuity to help realize the dreams of our clients and assisted in their pursuit of next.

Headquartered in Limbe, SW Cameroon, we are a team of qualified Architects, Engineers, Technicians, Accountants & IT Specialists whose aim is to upgrade the customer-service experience in Cameroon, in the area of Building Construction.

We are distinguished by our commitment to financial integrity, attention to detail, and project diligence.

Where some see rubbles, we see OPPORTUNITIES TO BUILD;
and where others see struggles, we see POSSIBILITIES!

Financial Integrity

Attention To Detail

Project Diligence


With Cameroon being nominated in 2017 as a potential host for AFCON Competition by the AFCON committee and also, the construction of other sea ports, new soccer stadiums and the expansion of the National oil refinery within the nation, NOW is the time to invest in land purchases, construction of guest houses, family houses, shopping centers and hotels.

That’s where we come in with Project Diligence, Attention to Details, Simultaneous View of the client, to deliver the most enduring results!

Land Sales

Construction Feasibility Studies

Studies and Cost Estimates

Building and Structural Design

Supply and Management of Materials


How Building Construction Impacts the Economy

With the beautiful sea shores of the Atlantic washing the coasts of the South West Region, the high grass lands of the North West and Western regions, the deep beautiful selva of the Eastern and South regions, the sea port and industries of the Littoral region, Cameroon stands out as a good opportunity for investments in the area of real estate, since about 65% of the entire of the surface area has not been developed.

Being in the moment is truly possible when you can focus on the other things that matter to you, whilst your desire of constructing or purchasing a home, office, school or shopping-center is being realized with a touch of problem-solving creativity!

Lush Lands of Cameroon

Present Hassles Of Construction

The Imperative for Change

Customers in need of construction, real estate and consulting services are increasing in Cameroon. But the construction companies aren’t providing the modern, easy-to-execute, and timely delivery of solutions this audience expects. And unfortunately, customers still feel relying on technicians or construction companies for the successful execution of their projects is a hassle and a recipe for failure.


The Bros Enterprise partners with material supplying companies and collaborates with other construction companies to give our clients the best experience in the seamless realization of their dreams!

We fuse startup thinking and agile methods to help our private and public-sector clients increase their infrastructural value, accomplish their construction projects by need-by dates, and thrive in an evolving world. We are the crucial link in making your infrastructure and construction projects a reality, and we are ready to serve!



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